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Alessandro Scavia was born in Milan in 1998. His family owns the centenary SCAVIA company, one of the most prominent in Italy and around the world in the high jewellery and Made in Italy luxury sector. From a young age, he demonstrates an extraordinary skill in the artistic field, from drawing to painting and to sculpting. In addition to running the company with his father, he works tirelessly to perfecting his many talents. During high school he designed and realised an extraordinary jewellery sculpture, named “The Throne of Saturn” presented in occasion of the Expo Milano 2015. This was his first international success, at only age sixteen. In 2016 he graduated from the American School in Switzerland and after a few months he obtained four professional diplomas in Antwerp (HRD), which attest to his mastery and deep knowledge in the fields of gemmology, diamond grading and jewellery design. At the age of eighteen, he actually began to work actively in the company. Driven by his great passion for ancient history, Greco-Roman culture and for art, he began to sculpt stone and model clay according to the traditional method used since the dawn of times. His intent is not to reproduce copies from the past, but to reinterpret the historical and mythological themes of the ancient sculptures with a current taste and sensitivity. Unbelievably, he immediately acquired self-made mastership in sculpting, as he had an innate predisposition for fine art. Alessandro Scavia has a truly outstanding creativity and savoir-faire due to his full time immersion in the jewellery and artistic world and from the personal experience which he acquired by working in his family’s company since young age.



Alessandro Scavia, a visionary artist, has presented a masterpiece titled "The Throne of Saturn" at EXPO Milan 2015. This extraordinary creation, epitomizing Alessandro Scavia's debut, serves as a profound tribute to Mother Nature. The throne conveys the essence of abundance bestowed upon humanity through Earth's gifts.

The design is unique and impactfully conceived. At the very heart of the throne is a glistening, gold leaf wooden structure, resembling coiled strands, lending it a majestic and royal aura. A muscular leg centrally positioned symbolizes the tireless toil and enduring spirit of human endeavor. This central motif is flanked by twin cornucopias, each brimming with a lush bounty of handmade sculpted fruits made with silver, gold, and precious stones, signifying nature's generosity. The fruits are intricately crafted, their surface shimmering with embedded gemstones such as diamonds and rubies, emphasizing prosperity and fertility. The plush red velvet seating offers a stark yet harmonious contrast to the golden structure, adding to the throne's opulence.

Incorporating both a realistic and symbolic representation, Alessandro Scavia's "Throne of Saturn" is undeniably a tribute to both the magnificence of nature and the indomitable spirit of humanity.

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